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Thread: Sales rep uk

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    Sales rep uk

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    Sales rep uk

    I am looking to employ a sales rep in the UK area and I'm wondering what the best option is to pay their wage:

    Commission only/commission plus wage etc and also what is the going rate? I have hired a few in the past, but they have had no drive or get go. The business is expanding with a few opportunities and I would like to have someone well qualified to meet targets.

    All advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sales rep uk

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    Re: Sales rep uk

    Commission only is reserved for very well established sales reps who feel confident that their base of current customers can support their higher expected level of income.

    Unless you magically find someone who is unhappy with their current employer, this compensation model rarely works.

    Sales is a job and a person needs to be able to cover their living expenses. Compensation is relative to do you want to hire lower cost rookies, train them and hope they work out for you or do you hire more expensive more experienced sales reps (who may come with bad habits).

    The compensation model is a guaranteed monthly draw against commission.

    Say, you guarantee a minimum monthly income of $3,000.00. The sales rep has to earn commission to recover that $3,000.00 than what he makes over that is additional compensation.

    Business owners are often to greedy when it comes to commision sales reps. You should be thrilled if a salesperson makes more money than you do because that means your business is growing.

    It is hard to find good sales reps as most people cannot take the daily rejection of making 20 cold calls.

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