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Thread: tool bag

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    Re: tool bag

    Quote Originally Posted by 907tec View Post
    I am still in love with my Tech Pack (backpack) from Veto Pro-Pac. Yes, they are expensive. Yes, they are heavy even when empty. But it is easily the best, most durable, tool bag I've found.
    I've got the Tech Pack MC-LT backpack, its a little small and heavy for a everyday carry, especially for production stuff with all the special tools you need, wish I would have gotten the full sized tech pack. I'm using a CH Ellis W600 roller now 2 weeks in so far not bad.

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    Re: tool bag

    Backpacks all the way. You want to have your hands free for toner, pm kits, vaccum, etc

    I used a Klein Tools electrician backpack for 6 years. It was strong, durable and worth the money. A year ago switched to the Milwaukee job site backpack. its a good backpack, bigger than the Kleins, but im sure is not going to last the same 6 years.

    Pros of the Kleins:
    -heavy duty cordura material
    -heavy duty zipper

    cons of the kleins:
    -bigger compartments for precision tools
    -hard to clean because of the heavy cordura material (thats important if the rookie in the shop mishandle a waste box above the backpack... )

    The pros in the milwaukee are:
    -small compartments for hooks or precision drivers

    cons of the milwaukee:
    -not for rough use
    -kinda tall. Maybe to much for the regular tools for a copier.
    -if you are that kind of guy who carries 20 diferents screwdrivers in your bag (like me) and you bring a lot of tools its going to be heavy to hold.

    I think will tray the vetos next time... never read bad reviews on them... also crescent tools has a line of tool bags and backpacks that looks good.

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    Re: tool bag

    This is the tool bag I have been looking at on Amazon. It seems small and fits a laptop and just the basic tools. It has some great reviews.

    B&W International TUC-11601 Technician Notebook Tool Bag with Pocket Pallets, Black

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    tool bag

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    Re: tool bag

    No one over 30 should be wearing a backpack. Hard case for me. Keep firmware on thumb-drives...laptops are unneeded for most calls but it has it's own bag with shoulder strap.

    A canvas duffel bag is great for vacuum and small boxes. I use a folding dolly if I got big boxes or more crap to bring in.

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