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    Saving money on toners

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    Re: Saving money on toners

    Quote Originally Posted by KenB View Post
    just observe what the users are can be an eye opener.
    Fault : paper jam in fuser

    look at the image on the transfer belt!

    When you think you have made a procedure idiot proof your company employs a better idiot.

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    Re: Saving money on toners

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent128 View Post
    One thing that has been a problem in the past for us is toner hoarding or ordering all the colors when only needing one color.

    With the Toshibas we have a cloud policy that alerts us to low toner and can send our toner that way.

    I also have a policy that sets the low toner alert at 3% remaining rather than the default % remains which was way to high by default.
    The exception being actual high coverage customers who's contracts pricing already reflects their over average toner usage.

    This puts a stop to toner hoarding.

    Also exporting the cloud numbers and poking them into Toshiba's MFP MDT program, we can seek out high toner pixel count machines and do some onsite review as to why or by using the the cloud numbers for say the density sensor feedback voltage in addition to the consumable counts to find machines that need attention.

    Obviously good experienced technicians and proper machine maintenance is key as well...and one the the hardest things to find...

    You got to know when/where/why/what numbers etc that developer and drums can go to before the machine starts replacing lost/worn developer with toner.

    Unhealthy machines now-a-days will still pump out great copy quality with worn out components at the cost of eating toner and/or dusting excess toner everywhere inside the machine which will lower the life of all the moving parts the toner soils.

    I will never work anywhere that uses non-oem toner or Imaging supplies again - Over and over I have seen aftermarket toner, developer or drums just make a mess of things. "hey these drums cost 1/2 the we are onsite 4 times as much and now developer will only go 1/2 it's yield...yeah but look at all the $ we saved on the drums!"
    I converted from ToShiBa tech(tsbservice for those who remember damned Smartlink software) to nowadays mainly KonMin and Brother engineer. Your post reminded me old times when we together with my colleagues and still friend techs rock and roll with Toshy! We were top dogs and your post is the reason I recall it!
    Seems you Sir keep it rock&rolling with your Toshiba fleet now. 100% agree with all you said.
    A tree is known by its fruit, a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost, he who sows courtesy, reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.

    Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.

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    Re: Saving money on toners

    I think that the best way to save money on toners is to keep your equipment properly maintained

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