I recently had a company contact me about switching from their current service provider. They wanted to replace two Sharp MX-3110N (these are approx. 10 years old) so I quoted two BP-50C31 and two BP-70C31. One is Sharps Essential Series and the other is their Advanced Series.

4 paper trays, inline staple finisher, fax and power filter. Trying to land the potential new customer I marked each machine up $250.00. They come back saying they have been buying the 3554ci for half the price I quoted which would be below $3K per machine. Is that price possible?

They are replacing 10+ year old Sharp copiers with Kyoceras. I don't know enough about the Kyoceras to say anything to them about longevity. I do know who they want to switch from and there is a reason they are looking for a new service provider but price is king these days.

I simply told them if they are satisfied with the quality of the M3554ci they have bought and their current service then it would be best to buy the Kyocera.