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    Just a brick in the wall 100+ Posts Absurd's Avatar
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    Company or Personal Vehicles

    Just curious i hear lots about reimbursements but my company provides cars, trucks, or vans to each office location.
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    Our company provides a limited number of vans and cars for our use. There aren't enough of them to go around or that I particularly -want- to drive. For local service we (for the most part) use our personal vehicles. Company vehicles for m/c deliveries or out of town calls.

    We get a flat 40 cents a mile.

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    Company provides Truck/Car, tools, and a laptop to most techs. Most of the laptops are older but good to keep manuals on and stuff like that.
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    Senior Tech 250+ Posts
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    company provides gas card, car, laptop, and pays us about $25 a month to keep it clean. Not to be used for personal pleasure. No riders either unless company employees

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    Vulcan Inventor of Death 1,000+ Posts Mr Spock's Avatar
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    We use personal vehicles with a "fixed" amount(monthly payment,insurance and nonchangeable expenses) and a variable amount to cover gas, oil, tires and such. I get a 378 a month fixed and around 24-25 cents per mile variable.
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    Master Of The Obvious 10,000+ Posts
    Company or Personal Vehicles

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    I have a company vehicle now, but I definitely prefer driving my own. With an efficient vehicle (I've always had Ford Festivas, Escorts, Chevy Cavaliers) and a reasonable compensation, it completely covers the cost of ownership.

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    It's not easy being green 1,000+ Posts Cipher's Avatar
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    A half decent company car works for me.
    No servicing, insurance and fuel bills to worry about.
    I can take it home and use it out of hours as much as I like.

    Saves me lots of $$$ each year.

    I do think it would be nice to drive a car of my own sometimes, but it just does not make financial sense to buy a car I would really only use at weekends.

    Here is a car that suits me, but I would need one hell of a pay increase to afford such a luxury.
    (Maybe when I retire or win the lotto ah).

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    Service Manager 250+ Posts unisys12's Avatar
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    You English have all the great cars... makes me sick!!

    Anyway, our company provides a Ford Ranger (4cyl), gas card and pays for all maintenance. We just have to do our best to keep it clean and all that. They don't mind if you need to use it for something personal, just not driving across the state or something. We also get to use them when we go to school, which most of time is in Atlanta, GA. Me and one other have `03 models, while the other 5 or so have `98's or `99's. One manager has a `03 SportTrac and one tech has an Explorer. We purchase ours from a body shop that buys insurance totals and fixes them on the side. My `03 Ranger was totaled by a deer and had 12k miles on it. I think we paid about $2500 for it and it's in great condition! FWIW, when we want to purchase a new truck, the owners call him up and he let's them look over the trucks he has before he has worked on'em.

    Working for Xerox, as an agent, I drove a personal car and got 18 cents a mile working for the agency and after the agency was bought out, that went up to 22 cents with a base of $250. That was a hugh increase for me, because when I started with the agency, 5 years earlier, we got 15 cents a mile. So over 5 years, our gas allowance was only raised 3 freaking cents. It was about the same the short time I worked for the subcontractor for Dell. I made $20k a year and 27 cents a mile.

    We had a co-worker take a job in Nashville, TN not long ago and he said that they got $750 a month. No gas allowance! When he told me that he was going to be working mainly outside the metro area and going as far north as Kentucky, I told him he would not be able to do it. And sure enough, even though he drove a Civic, he couldn't do it and after two months he threw in the towel. He started back at our shop this week...

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    I do a lot of sub-contracting work along with my own clients. I usually work within a 40 mile radius of home. With my clients the compensation is worked into the price.

    For sub-contracting, the rate is $0.485 per mile and all tolls.

    One sub-contract client pays $20.00 flat rate for all calls whether they are 30 miles or 2 city blocks.

    It works itself out.

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    Service Manager 250+ Posts just a tech's Avatar
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    got a company car..(2007 toyota yarus).. fill out an expense report every 2 weeks for reimbursement for gas, oil, or whatever i purchase for the job..take it home every day too.. not too bad really..

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