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    Angry Canon ImagePress C7000VP E000194-0102-05

    We have error code E000194-0102-05 on the printer. This is the ITB (Image Transfer Belt)
    The tech manual say you need to replace the ITB - but we are almost 100% sure that the belt is OK (!?)
    Any idea if this can be a something else ??

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    Canon ImagePress C7000VP  E000194-0102-05

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    Re: Canon ImagePress C7000VP E000194-0102-05

    Registration Patch Sensor Assembly, ??

    Insufficient cleaning of the ITB can cause E194 Error Codes.

    Check the condition of the ITB Web Roller (FC5-9200-000), it should be replaced if it appears deformed or becomes deformed when squeezed.
    **Knowledge is time consuming, exhausting and costly for a trained Tech.**

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    Re: Canon ImagePress C7000VP E000194-0102-05

    Unfortunately this is pretty much the worst code to get on this rig...

    I have a file here that has a workflow procedure. This can be a number of problems, ITB, Patch Sensor, Laser, etc.

    If I can host it, I can get it to you - it's pretty useful.

    Turn the machine on with a door open, set AINR-OFF set to 1 in service mode >copier>function>install. Close door and see what it does. Try running AT-IMG-X if the machine gets to ready. If that fails, you're probably dealing with a laser problem. If you can manage to get the machine to ready, also worth checking a PG6 test print and look at the grid, that will probably reveal the issue. If the grid is all out of whack, then you have a problem with worn ITB parts, dirty patch sensor, or one of your laser is done.

    Not sure how much this helps you, but here is the workflow file that I have - feel free to share.!AnNcqyvL6MRqk0VkPDju0bSWUkA9

    This should be a public link to the zip file...hope that helps.


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