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    Unhappy ir8105 finisher error e0005fe-8001 ??????

    Booklet F-1 PRo Finisher
    Error 5fe-8001 I want to ask
    I wonder what the problem is
    Please let me know which motor sensor is faulty
    Parts catalog If you have pictures please

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    ir8105 finisher  error   e0005fe-8001 ??????

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    Re: ir8105 finisher error e0005fe-8001 ??????

    Error code E5FE-8001 is a Saddle Sticher error code.

    After replacing a tray height sensor pcb, the error code happened (not in the Saddle Sticher assembly). During the installation of the tray height sensor pcb the upper and lower finisher vertical panels were removed. The service manual shows the following for this error code:

    E5FE-8001 Error in saddle trailing edge holding motor
    Saddle trailing edge retainer HP sensor does not come ON within 5 sec after the saddle training edge holding motor starts operation
    1) Check of the saddle trailing edge holding motor and saddle trailing edge retainer HP sensor
    2) Replacement of saddle trailing edge holding motor and saddle trailing edge retainer HP sensor

    3) Replacement of saddle controller PCB

    Workaround :

    This was clearly not a Saddle related issue although the manual does state that it is. The panel above the swing guide was one of the panels that was removed. The solution to this issue was resolved by reinstalling this panel. The reason for the error code was because the panel was not properly actuating one of the two safety switches, MSW6 and MSW7. Both of these switches are stapler safety switches (rear and front). In this case, the panel was not positioned properly and one of the switches was not being actuated and was left in an open state. Once the panel was re installed properly, the error code did not show again. Check the images below for reference.

    Panel above the swing guide.

    The two microswitches, MSW6 and MSW7, front and rear stapler safety switches.

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