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    irc 5035 Cassette Heater for host machine don t warm

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    Re: irc 5035 Cassette Heater for host machine don t warm

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil B. View Post
    exactly... how many can read/understand what was written WITHOUT translating it?

    with the majority of people here that type in english EVEN if it isn't their primary language, why the hell should we have to use a translator?

    he could type in his profile information in english:
    Date of Birth July 28 About a9651

    Country:JapanWhere are you from (City, State):tokyoTechnician Status:Technician (2-10 Yrs)

    he isn't even in the newbie check-in forum.

    he has made 2 posts today both in his native tongue.

    Bet he hasn't even read the forum rules nor the FAQ pages (lots of info there)

    Yes we here at CTN are an international site but VERY few people are rude enough to post in an uncommon language.

    I would much rather read a fix/suggestion in broken english than have to copy n paste into some damn translator.

    Do you go to an all spanish speaking house and speak english?

    I have MANY MANY hispanic friends that normally speak in their native, but when I come in they speak in english/simple spanish that I can understand. But many label the hispanics as rude, I don't see it.
    I appreciate that you keep things in order on this site. It's not always popular but it is necessary.

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    Re: irc 5035 Cassette Heater for host machine don t warm

    I used to be more mild on that type of posts but I was wrong. Few or nobody of them became more of one or two time poster. Not to mention that Google translate discover these hieroglyphs as Chinese but poster is in Tokyo Japan. Perplexing.
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