About 10 days ago one of my 7095's started misregistering - at first it was intermittent, a couple of sheets in runs of 1000+ and only a small amount - 3-4 mm in the direction of the feed - last week it became worst , usually the first 200-500 copies were in register then it became jumpy for @200 sheets @3-4 mm then worst @12-14 mm. I replaced the registration roller, the reg roller clutch, brake clutch and reg sensor switch - same symptoms - there are no jam codes and it will continue to run jumping the image - after shutting the machine down for about an hour it will register again for the next 200-500 copies. yesterday I swapped the entire transport drawer with another machine and the problem stayed with the first machine and had no symptoms to the second machine -

I can't seem to find where to address next - possibly a driver board heating up? maybe the drum drive binding? puzzling that I get no jam or error codes even with the 12-14 mm misregister - image always moves up towards the lead edge of the paper, not lower to the trailing edge.

this happens landscape as well as portrait, from all drawers as well as the bypass and on all sizes and weights I've tried.

the machine has @4 million clicks and has run well

ideas would be much appreciated