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    ImagePress C700 C800

    I am getting a delay jam 0107 only from the deck. any ideas. I have cleaned all of the rollers and checked the sensors. this is a new install so maybe something go bumped during travel. Also, does anyone have a parts list for the upper Buffer feed unit ay? it is part of the Kit-A1 used to connect the pod deck?
    I have parts lists for the main unit and the pod deck but can seem to find the Upper and lower buffer. I am still getting used to this printer but I think it will be much more reliable and easier to work on than the old IPC 6000VPs. thanks for any help provided.

    ok, I think we are narrowing this down. the upper baffle on the top entrance to the registration assembly moves up and down to engage the nip rollers. I assume it moves up and down during its home cycle then, it seems possessed when it goes to print. It will move up and down then about the time it is supposed to feed it intermittently moves up off of the drive rolls and I think the upper buffer feed unit is trying to push the paper past into the registration unit but there isn't any drive if those wheels are up. This is causing the upper buffer feed unit to chatter while it is driving the sheet through. When we run from the other trays it likely isn't affecting it as much because the other rollers in the lower entrance to the registration are driving the sheet through that area. When that baffle stays down in the correct spot it runs smoothly without and chattering. Has anyone seen this issue and have suggestions on how to fix it?
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    ImagePress C700 C800

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    Re: ImagePress C700 C800

    Is this a new setup? There are guide plates that need to be moved depending on the model. This is detailed in the setup instructions.
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    Re: ImagePress C700 C800

    Hello ,
    Just like what charm have said there is a guide metal plate at the inlet of the engine , you should only loosen the screw from the front side and shift the plate and then tighten the screw.

    Some sheets have a hard curvature and it hits while entering the engine and causing the jam.

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