Hello I cant seem to find a thread so I'll try another.

I have this error code and I'm very new to this process. I'm trying to update the firmware with the USB. I've got the firmware for my machine and made the USB with SST. When I boot in safe mode i cant seem to get the format scrip to come up as the service manual suggests. Am I missing something?

I cannot format using 1+ 9
when I boot in safe mode,

[[[[Wait for USB/SSTConnect menu<V8.04>]]]]] (v08.04)
[9] :version information
[RESET] : STart Shutdown Sequence
Checking USB.
Waiting SST infpormation
Starting USB task.


Service manual says
"5. Terminate the SST.
6. Connect the USB memory device to the host machine, and start the host machine with download mode in safe mode.
7. Press keys on the Control Panel in the order shown below.• Press any keys• [4] : Clear/Format• [1] : Disk Format• [0] : OK• Press any keys• [C] : Return to Menu• [Reset] : Start shutdown sequence• [0] : OK (The power of the host machine is turned OFF automatically.)

Im not getting anything when I hole any key.

I saw a youtube video that helped me reg the USB key, resolution of the video was poor but the info was helpful. It mentioned something about a verifying the format disk tool be on the USB. Do i need to add this manually?

All help or links for more info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.