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Thread: ir a c3320

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    ir a c3320

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    Re: ir a c3320

    Quote Originally Posted by imran181070 View Post
    sorry to say

    better not to write on any thread

    u r not help ful ,waisting ur time
    uh huh look at my rep points.. I didn't get them by scratching my ass

    now look at your rep points 0

    I have all green cards you have nothing but red cards..

    how do you get red cards?


    not giving good advise to others

    lying to others

    not following forum rules

    i came here July 2016

    you came here Aug 2016

    basically the same amount of time here at CTN

    I rarely have to ask advise on how to fix things

    in this thread alone you didn't state everything you tried to fix it... your explanation was confusing and not clearly stated

    but you say I am wasting MY time? NO you are wasting OUR TIME trying to help you.

    are you formally trained on any product?

    I have been formally trained on: Xerox - Canon - Dell - Toshiba - KM - Mita/copyStar - HP - Samsung - OKI - Epson - FP ... all different models in each brand.

    31+ years in the industry ..10 years before you started in this industry... I have been service manager in all but 1 company I worked for... I owned my own business in previous years and again now.

    I don't use slang such as u for you ur for your

    i spell correctly not waste ful ( it's wasteful ) waisting should be wasting

    but I am in the wrong?

    as the lame ass American POTUS says "Come on MAN"

    I'd love to hear your customers opinions of your technical abilities and your professional attitude

    when I left my last employer I had 100 customers follow me to my company .. I didn't rob or recruit them from my ex boss... they came to ME asking ME to start servicing their machines...

    companies like Oxford University Press - North Carolina Attorney General - NIH - NorTel - CISCO - IBM - Glaxo Smith Cline - Durham Housing Authority - Durham PD - Harnett County Sheriff - Angier PD and Fire Dept .... plenty of print shops .. small law offices - insurance companies

    you haven't made ONE friend here at CTN.... wonder why?

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    Re: ir a c3320

    Hello everyone, a similar problem I had, but on a B&W printer, is that my problem was the HVT board, but even after the replacement I got a similar print, but despite that the problem was the parameters in the service mode that were changes before my work that I had to reset to factory settings. This is one idea if it is useful, and the other is sent to you in the attachment related to the replacement of the HVT board, which is according to the service bulletin. I hope that some of this will help you or at least give you another idea to solve the problem.

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