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    Load Firmware to Canon C356iF

    Greetings! So I acquired a have a fairly new printer that had no HDD. Bought a used same model number HDD and the proper firmware. I loaded firmware from SST to a USB drive. How do I load the firmware from the printer now? I tried holding 2+8 and get load screen for SST so assuming this isnt the proper combination. I also cant seem to connect this printer at all to the computer to do it another way as SST is wanting me to select an ip address? Confusing software =/

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    Load Firmware to Canon C356iF

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    Re: Load Firmware to Canon C356iF

    1. Format the hard disk.
    Start the machine in safe mode, and format all partitions using SST or a USB flash drive.
    2. Turn OFF and then ON the power of the host machine.

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    Load Firmware to Canon C356iF

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    Re: Load Firmware to Canon C356iF

    Hold 2 and 8 and turn on the device. Insert the usb and follow the instructions on the display. In case nothing happens when you insert usb you have the wrong or incorrectly loaded software.
    If you want to connect the printer directly to sst, set the IP on the machine and on the computer
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