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    Can anyone explain the copier process like what type of charge is genrated

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    Re: Can anyone explain the copier process like what type of charge is genrated

    Quote Originally Posted by anothertech View Post
    I can never seem to remember what charge is on the drum or if you block the slit glass will it be white or black on the paper. I don't think remembering all of that is necessary to service MFP's these days. Day to day problems are pretty straightforward and when I do run into a difficult problem, I can just look it up at that time. There are just too many variables to try to remember.

    That method works, too. Years ago an old wise electronics tech asked me why I was memorizing so much information. He went on to say that he preferred to use his brain to think and not to store a bunch of data and said that if he needs to know something that the information was at his fingertips.
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    Re: Can anyone explain the copier process like what type of charge is genrated

    Most techs I see works in a trial and test method . They try something here , someting there until they solve the issue . And this is the wrong way to service any printer it could be .

    First thing is that you need to understand how everything works in the printer, its technology , mechanism , control .... Everything but never need to memorize anything , since it all there in the manual u can always return and read again .

    My experience in working on production printers and sometimes I get to face issues that are not common and it is not a matter of changing parts and testing . It could be a small adjustment mechanically or a value in the service mode . These cases where your knowledge will help .

    Getting back to the point were talking about . Some machines get there drum positive and the toner in negative and some are vise versa. Some printers works on the difference of the value , ex +1000mv drum charge and ,200v for toner and this way they also got attracted. (Not sure which should be larger ). oce dp line doesn't have laser nor corona , its drum have around 6000 tracks to draw the image directly .

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    Re: Can anyone explain the copier process like what type of charge is genrated

    Quote Originally Posted by nathicana View Post
    What you say may be true of Canons and I realize this is a Canon thread. Most of what you wrote is not a rule though.

    OPC drums are not always negatively charged as you can read on this page from the Kyocera M2535dn service manual.

    Attachment 50228

    Drum chips can show as image or non image depending on circumstances. This is shown on these two prints from the very same machine, an M2535dn.

    Attachment 50229

    Though it may be uncommon plenty of machines have written to the image areas of Amorphous Silicon drums, why wouldn't they be able to? An example would be the Kyocera 820.

    i have no doubt about what you write about the technology Kyoceera uses in his MFP.;but, Canon uses a different technology and applies it to all its range of MFP including production image press such as C10000 vp.So let us stick to Canon since 'as you say,this is a Canon thread.

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