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    iRA 3720 Duplex jamming

    Good evening,
    I have today unboxed a new iRA 3720 and have been getting it ready for delivery tomorrow.
    The problem is that it will not duplex properly. I have managed to duplex on a couple of occasions but it normally jams.
    This is when copying, the first side will print and the sheet will start to exit the second delivery roller then the reverse will kick in and as the sheet of paper starts to move backwards it snags on the actuator behind the second delivery roller (PS51?) and the sheet slows down and then tears and stops.
    Obviously the actuator is designed to fall forward as the sheet hits and passes over it but when the sheet is pulled backwards the actuator seems to stand up to its full height and then the sheet of paper can no longer move back and gets caught on the actuator.
    Any ideas, I'm lost.
    I did fit another second delivery unit but exactly the same thing is happening.
    Regards ..... G.

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    iRA 3720 Duplex jamming

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    Re: iRA 3720 Duplex jamming

    If you get 010A jam check sticky reverse sensor flag dumper.
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    Re: iRA 3720 Duplex jamming

    Problem solved.
    As you look at the copy exit area from the second delivery unit you will see 3 metal arms above the second delivery unit.
    These 3 arms are supposed to hold the top of the 2nd delivery unit down so that the exit rollers hold tight onto the paper. If they become bent upwards this does not happen.
    Bending them back down will get the machine working again but there is a bulletin regarding a more permanent fix.
    Here is a picture from the bulletin.output.jpg

    The bulletin is : F22278-EN-01.0

    Regards ..... Gary

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