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    Canon IR adv 8295 E020-0004

    Canon IR adv 8295 E020-0004
    The error appears after 200-300 copies, we did everything from the service book and much more. Has anyone had a similar problem, Sometimes it also appears with e-0197

    Remedy: 1. Check the connection of the Magnet Roller Clutch (CL5). Sensor side: J2036, J3124 (relay), J3090 (relay) PCB side: J3091(relay), J115 (Main Driver PCB (PCB2)) 2. Replace the Magnet Roller Clutch (CL5). 3. Replace the Main Driver PCB (PCB2). 4. Replace the DC Controller PCB (PCB1).


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    Re: Canon IR adv 8295 E020-0004

    Not sure if this will help:
    Problem :

    This error is related to the magnet roller clutch (CL5). CL5 drives the buffer assembly to add toner to the developer assembly. The technician replaced the following: Developer assembly, Developer Drive clutch, Buffer assembly, Hopper assembly and DC Controller without success.
    Solution :
    Check signal to turn on CL5 at the main driver pcb J115 pins 4 and 5. Check to make sure you have 24 volts at the clutch and the 24 volts drops to 0 volts when turning on clutch. In this case, the 24 volt supply was missing. Replacing the power supply terminal (FM0-3442-000) resolved issue.

    Also the wiring harness but seeing as it works for a couple of hundred prints unlikely.

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    Canon IR adv 8295  E020-0004

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    Re: Canon IR adv 8295 E020-0004

    E197 is usually a problem on the back, inside of the processing unit. Check for damaged cables, connectors...
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