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    Ir advance c5535i

    Hi everyone anyone knows how to set up adf in this model ir advance c5535i?for A4 size is ok but for 8.5x11and 8.5x13 the margin problem thanks

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    Re: Ir advance c5535i

    Margin problems? Not 100% sure what you want but to physically adjust for the top/bottom margins, you lift up the lid and turn the adjusting screws on the inside of the hinges so the adf is closer to the front/rear of the glass.

    For the leading/trailing edge (left/right) -you have to change electronically how quickly the doc feederscanning starts; that can be found in service mode> adf> adjust or copier>adjust> adf or somewhere similar. There might be a spot to further change the top/bottom margin electronically as well. double check the descriptions up pressing the i (info) button and touching the setting you want to change; it'll give a brief description and how much the setting alters per input unit.

    If it was just a page size issue between a4/letter then settings/registration>function>print settings> custom>paper feed> paper size override> on might solve it

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