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    Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

    I am not a tech by any means. I'm just looking for help in fixing an issue that I can not even imagine fixing myself without proper knowledge. So please forgive me for anything that seems not so smart.

    I work in an office that needs to scan large documents constantly all day. We have a Canon IR C3200 in the office for our printing needs, and we do so with cables and internet etc. As far as I'm aware, we have no formal network set up. My last office had to have a network to scan and send things through, but it was a whole other machine as well. I'm told we don't need the network with this scanner, we should just be able to have the e-mail address in the system to select to send the files to.

    Printer IS connected through a DSl line.

    If you send it to an e-mail address listed it tries to send the file. Give it a few minutes and it will give up. Print out an error page, but no error report. So I'm not sure what the problem is.

    What I want it to do: is to scan the document, and then send it to an e-mail address.

    Is there anything you can tell me to help me fix my problem? Something I'm doing wrong? Does it indeed need a network in order to scan to e-mail? How would I go about setting a network up for the printer if that's the case?

    I'm so sorry for all the questions, please forgive me. I just wanted to provide as much information as I could.
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    Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

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    Re: Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

    If you have DSL running in your office then you have to have some kind of network setup especially if you are printing. It sounds like you need configure the scan to email portion of the device for your network so the machine can accomplish the scan for you.
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    Re: Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

    Ignore this. Nothing to see here.

    Cookies. >.>

    (I had a big post, but found someone else with the same problem, so I'll stalk that thread first, then post again if I'm still having issues.)
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    Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

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    Re: Canon IR C3200 - No Error Code

    someone sent this to the forum> don't know who to credit
    who ever it is thanks

    Setting up and trouble shooting Scan to email
    The following information must be entered in the machine and must be correct.
    1- SMTP server can a name ( ) or ip address
    2- Default Gateway
    3- DNS server address
    4- A valid email address must be assigned to the machine put the address in both the
    machine address and the administrator address locations
    5- If they are on a Domain put the domain in the DNS Domain ( )
    After entering all of the above correctly reboot machine, and test.
    The above assumes that your machine is already on the network and you can print and
    brows to it, and the SMTP does not require Authentication.

    If this is a new set up,
    1- verify your information with the IT person and confirm the SMTP does not require
    2- On most of the newer machines you have a PING function built into the machine, go
    to the network tab then scroll to the last screen, the Ping function is found under the
    Details tab. Enter the SMTP exactly the way you did when it was entered above and
    choose confirm.
    If ping was successful, then you know the machine has the ability to reach the server,
    confirm the from address was entered correctly, if yes confirm, Authentication is not
    If ping was unsuccessful, confirm that name resolution is working , do this by pinging
    the computer name of any PC on the network. If unable to ping computer name confirm
    DNS address, do an ipconfig /all on a nearby PC and confirm settings. If they have a
    WINS server add it under the SMB settings this should not be necessary but I have seen
    instances where this solved the problem.
    3- If the SMTP is outside of the local network, the router or domain controller may be
    preventing access to the internet. Confirm this by pinging any know internet address like
    Yahoo! If unsuccessful to rule out the router set the machine for DHCP reboot
    and let the machine take an address from the router/dhcp server. Confirm all the other
    settings and test again. If successful then you must have the IT person assign an
    exception for the machine in the Router Firewall or assign an isolation for the machine by
    MAC Address.
    4- If the above made no difference, confirm the Domain name is correctly entered, some
    machines have more than one place to enter this information. Often the IT person will
    give you the name of their Domain controller and not the actual domain name like yes we
    have a domain the name is mycompany, when you do an ipconfig all you will notice the
    actual domain is mycompany.local .
    5- Once you are certain you are reaching the SMTP and not accessing it confirm Port
    number and Authentication requirements
    The above information should be enough to solve most Scan to email issues or atleast
    point you in the right direction. If the SMTP requires authentication all of the above
    applies along with the Authentication credentials User Name and Password
    **Knowledge is time consuming, exhausting and costly for a trained Tech.**

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