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    Neopost SI68 Error 183

    Have a customer that purchased one of these used, it was intermittently giving a 183 error. (it is now constant).
    The manual describes it as a communication error between the inserter and folder PCBS. I have checked everything and have found nothing.
    Has anyone seen this or have a clue as to where else to look? I don't service these so its kinda foreign (but interesting).

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    Re: Neopost SI68 Error 183

    do you mean:
    Error 1:83
    Message: Technical failure.
    Action: Call service.
    Info: Communication failure.
    The feeder/folder part doesn't accept the command.
    {version one of the product}

    version 2 of the product that error is the same but states the feeder/folder board 96.40.01 doesn't accept a command sent by ic^2 (SCS) by the inserter board 96.40.03

    Check the wiring where it zip ties to frame parts perhaps....On the main boards it's connector J500 that runs to the feeder board to connector J901

    The SI68/M4000 is dirt old and completely discontinued so it's possible there are board issues (leaky caps, low or noisy output from power supply) also double check the front door interlock switch.

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