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    Cannon DR-G1100 noise need manual

    I have a customer with this Cannon DR-G1100 scanner that makes a high pitched noise when operating. I think a paperclip is lying on a roller shaft. Does anyone have access to a repair manual for this product? My supervisor downloaded a service guide which only describes the product and and the warranty information. Does anyone have a manual that covers the disassembly of this scanner? Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Cannon DR-G1100 noise need manual

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    Re: Cannon DR-G1100 noise need manual

    Found this, check it out and ask in Canon tomorrow for the service manual.

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    Re: Cannon DR-G1100 noise need manual

    I havenít worked with Canon gear in years, but they used to use a black grease on a lot of moving parts at the factory.

    It works well for a long time, but eventually it breaks down, gets sticky, and creates a high pitched whine under the right conditions.

    Donít cheat and just try to squirt or spray any kind of lube; I can almost guarantee it wonít work, or at least not for long.

    You have to disassemble, clean the black stuff off completely (WD40 works well for that), put a light coating of quality grease on, and reassemble.
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