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    Papercut MF and Printer Logic

    We have a customer that is trying to simplify user account tracking across multiple departments and multiple machines all in one campus location. We have stretched the limits of the native account tracking made available by the machine. I have to say that it was the 10% of Mac users that broke the camels back, as there is no easy way to implement printing in an account track environment anymore (I'm specifically referring to Konica Minolta here). This campus utilizes Printer Logic to deploy and add printers in its print server-less environment. I'm beginning to research PaperCut MF as a solution to their account track issues, but I'm not sure how this will work in an environment where Printer Logic is already fully in place. PaperCut has a new feature called Print Deploy, and it sounds like it's pretty much the same thing as Printer Logic in that it allows you to create individual print queues that can then be tracked by PaperCut. Does anybody have any experience with these two programs to offer any advice. It would be a hard sell if the customer can't use PaperCut along with it's currently established Printer Logic environment. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Papercut MF and Printer Logic

    contact paper cut they will either put you in contact with a copier dealer that support it

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    Re: Papercut MF and Printer Logic

    For a school campus it might be better in the long run for them to get a server for printing and run PaperCut from here. This way they can use the "Find Me" printing feature. This allows them to print to 1 virtual printer. They then can go to any printer that is set up and release their print job. This will prevent others from walking off with someone else's print job. May also be able to talk them into card readers for some of the devices so the that the card they use to access the building can also be used to login and release print jobs or use the machine.

    The PaperCut tech support has been very knowledgeable in my experience.

    But as mentioned above, call their sales office and they will be able to help you out.

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