Hey all I'm just looking for some advice\explanation of some of the various device management software. Programs like Kyocera's Device Manager, Net Admin, Fleet Services, Net Viewer, etc. all appear to be various stages or versions of fairly similar software. I am looking at this trying to decide which one(s) will meet the needs of the business I'm working for the best.

From what I can tell KFS appears to be the most fully featured and convenient of them, however it also appears to require you to be a Kyocera dealer, which we are not (We are partnered with one but essentially operate independently). So the end result I'm hoping for is to either find out if we can get KFS and I just missed something or if one of the others will accomplish the same end result. We are fairly small scale so I don't necessarily need the program to support 10k devices off the bat right away or anything. The main feature that doesn't appear to be as clearly listed on the other tools is the ability to remotely manage devices from multiple networks (IE being able to monitor our customer's devices from our headquarters) but from what I can find on their software pages most of these tools are designed to be used from within one network.

I'm pretty green so please don't skip information that you think might be obvious to your average tech, thanks in advance for any help you can provide.