I am just getting into this new way for customers to save money and hopefully gain new business.

Does anyone have any experience with XMedius Fax Cloud Connector?

XMedius has created an app for several copier vendors that install directly into the LCD panel.

Currently, for most customers if they want to send or receive a fax they need both a fax board and a fax line.

Both have a cost associated with them. A dedicated fax line can be as little as $17.00 month and be as high as $70.00 month.

The XMedius connector offers full fax send/ receive functionality both at the copier and from any PC anywhere with industrial level security.

You need to pay and Admin fee to port the fax numbers over from the telco to XMedius and a prepaid usage fee but you eliminate the cost of a fax board and a fax line.

For a business with one or more fax lines the savings can be in the many $1,000.00s.

I know everybody will say I hardly ever send/ receive a fax anymore but a high % of MFPs are still installed with fax boards.

I know people will say they use some sort of tel/ fax device to share a telephone line, they have some sort of distinctive ring device , they have some sort of internet way of sending/ receiving faxes. Xmedius is not really for those kind of customers.

Some industries like healthcare and legal services still rely heavily on faxing.