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    Access to the website via Proxy is not allowed

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    Access to the website via Proxy is not allowed

    Original error
    Access to the website via Proxy is not allowed (Disable Browser Data Compression if you have it enabled)

    the service on the website was wpguard

    (WP Guard - Security, Firewall & Anti-Spam plugin for WordPress )

    I got this error while trying to access a couple of websites today... ( nothing bad... just business and a couple of asian information sites)

    I have an at&t wifi u-verse box and a wifi dlink repeater...

    this error occurred when using the dlink repeater from all browsers on my pc...

    when I switched to the direct u-verse box the errors did not occur...
    (no issues with the dlink till now)

    I fixed the issue by going straight through the wifi u-verse box...

    my questions...
    why did that work???
    has anyone ever faced an issue where a wifi repeater triggered a proxy warning to block a site...???
    has anyone ever faced this kind of proxy warning on a customers network and how did they handle it???
    could this mean that the dlink is going bad or needs to be rebooted???
    could this cause issues with printing and scanning???
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    Re: Access to the website via Proxy is not allowed

    Try a firmware update for the D-Link, if possible. Is it a repeater or a range extender? I've seen some odd issues with range extenders in the past where they will alter the traffic down to the point of altering the MAC address of devices connected to them. It's possible the websites are seeing the modified traffic in some way.

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