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We have been contemplating the use of Raspberry Pi's to run Predictive Insights(used to use FMAudit), but now that they're getting more and more expensive and likely aren't worth the price if something happens to them.

The other benefit to using them is we can VPN in to it and hit the webpage of the printer and change settings/check network info, etc.

A benefit to Predictive Insights now though, is we can install multiple DCA's on the same network as redundancies to ensure PI works longer. PI doesn't typically get blocked which is awesome, but end users are upgrading equipment more and more often, causing the software to stop reporting.

We have KFS on the Kyocera devices in the field, though we're no longer a dealer, so that's a backup thankfully; same with Epson and ERS which is free-built in software. Sharp though, has MICAS, and we stopped using it a decade ago because it was a waste of money at the time. Now it's free, but our GM wants nothing to do with it still.

I wish there were things that could be built in to the copier as an add on service, that would link up to FMAudit's cloud servers, or PI's cloud servers. Would be so much nicer than worrying about end users' PCs.
Look into Libre Computing boards, software compatible with Raspberry PI but around $30-35 USD.