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    Exclamation No DHCP lease stability with new Spectrum Routers.

    Sharing knowledge and some issues I have been experiencing this month.

    My rant here: Dedicated, to my new enemy. A rant, a Rave, and Everything else.

    Encountered with Spectrum WiFi 6 Router Models: SAX1V1R , SAX1V1K , SAX1V1S

    So let me tell you what I have seen with 5 different clients, THIS MONTH.

    Problem common denominators:
    All Sharp MFP's.
    All in WLAN.
    All IP allocated.
    All using Spectrum Routers.

    Reported issue:
    "I can't print"

    Problem Scenario:
    MFP has gets an APIPA address (Link Local Address): 169.254.x.x
    Through Spectrum app, MFP is listed, with it's MAC Address, Hostname, with it's proper IP allocation, let's say x.200. and confirms that the MFP is indeed, connected.
    MFP is in DHCP.

    Restarted Router-NG. Reboot MFP-NG. Reboot modem-NG. Unplugged all three devices for more than 30 minutes-NG.
    Changed Hostname of MFP. -NG
    Set up hotspot - MFP ok!
    Back to clients Wifi - NG.

    I can access MFP WUI through APIPA no problem. Ping APIPA no problem. Send print job through APIPA no problem.
    Pinging Hostname gets me:
    "Pinging hostname.lan [x.x.x.200] with 32 Bytes of data
    Reply from x.200: bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128"

    Did you catch it? It's a clue!

    What I think is the problem:
    I think that the DHCP service has a bug looks through the internal DNS database, a zone file maybe? It thinks it's leasing the address but it's not.
    I looked to see if I can clear any cache outside of a factory reset, you can't.
    I called Spectrum, and there is no way to clear said cache, or even look at any DNS internals outside of designating DNS servers. Ok.
    Spectrum suggested that I factory reset, or get a new router from one of their many locations.

    So the only thing I can do, is:
    1) Try factory reset of router.
    -Which will mean company down time for my clients.
    2) Ask end user to replace router.
    -Which will mean company down time for my clients.
    3) Replace WLAN card on MFP.
    -Really, really dumb for a problem, that should be simple.
    4) Ask end user to stop using sh'tty routers.
    -Unreasonable I guess.
    5) Upsell a nice cheap router.
    -I think this too is unreasonable.

    So far, as a work around, I removed IP allocation, and changed the MFP's hostname and IP Configuration to Static.
    The problem is IP Conflicts are a common enough problem so we always allocate our printers to avoid this exact issue.

    I didn't have this problem before. So if anyone else is experiencing this let me know guys. Just thought I share in case someone googles this problem.

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    No DHCP lease stability with new Spectrum Routers.

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    Re: No DHCP lease stability with new Spectrum Routers.

    Some problems with Spectrum here in Bakersfield but I don't think that severe. I'm retired so I don't see any customers. I have signal strength issues at my home. Any additional loss greater than one splitter and their cable modem won't work. Had them out a few years ago when as soon as the temperature outside got to about 90, everything quit. Their tech replaced the old RG 59 drop with RG 6 from the pole to the house and when he checked the signal at the house, it was still extremely low so he checked at the pole and it was low there also. They had to schedule a cable splicer. He had to replace part of the cable tap. While waiting for the splicer to arrive a couple of days later, I replaced the wiring in the house.

    They have been saying for at least four years now that they are going to put in fiber optics but it ain't happened.

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    Re: No DHCP lease stability with new Spectrum Routers.

    On Brother devices we turn off APIPA by default don't know about Sharp. Also we advise against and don't ever encourage customers to use WiFi instead we insist to put MFPs on wired connection every time it's physically possible.
    WiFi is not for business customers only home, sorry but that is my opinion.
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    I don't reply to private messages from end users.

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