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    Printing from phones for Kyocera machines

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    Printing from phones for Kyocera machines

    Recently I have had some customer complain that they cannot print form their phones to the Kyocera machines at whatever location. The machines in question are on a network that the wifi and hard wire are connected. I say this because in the last year or so I have noted that when folks change their service or get new service, the new routers have the wifi and hard wire networks separated. In the places I have encountered the question of why the customer cannot print from their phone I have checked the following. I put my laptop on the local wifi network and see if I can browse out to the hardwired deceives, and in each case I can. So that tell me that the wif and hardwired networks are connected. I have gone into the Commend Center of each machine and checked the AirPrnt Settings (Function Settings>Printer>AirPrint Settings>Settings). In every case the AirPrint Settings are on. I have then checked with my phone (Android) and some machines show up when I try to print and some don't. This also happens when I use the Kyocera Mobil App. If I add the machine using the IP address of the machine (without using the Kyocera Mobil App) I then can print to the device. I found the same to be true when I use the Kyocera Mobil App.

    All machines these locations have the latest firmware. At two of the locations I have worked with someone that had an iPhone that also had the Kyocera Mobil App and we had the same results. That is we couldn't get the machine to show up on their phones with or without the Kyocera Mobil App. Its kind of curious as at one location that has a 3511i and a 3552ci, the 3511i shows up but not the 3552ci. I have also turned on wifi direct on machines that have to see if that helps, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. this also happened yesterday when I installed a 5004i and a MX3200i. Both machines did not show up on my bosses iPhone or on the owner of the company's iPhone.

    I called Kyocera support about this and the guy I talked to said some foolishness about me getting screen shots of the phones and other things and send them to the Kyocera engineers. I will callback and see if I can get someone I know.

    The last time I tried printing from my phone was some time ago, so this is a new problem that has been laid at my feet. My boss wants an answer because the decision makes at these locations are asking him about it. One of the comments I get from my boss and other users is that they can see the little printers (HP, Brother, ect) with their phones, why not theses. These are also multi machine customers which makes this more of an imperative.

    Personally I don't think this is my problem. I think its network issue or a phone issue, but as always I'm dragged into it because the machine is under service agreement.

    Does anyone have any answers to this? Is there anything I can do to resolve this without teaching the customer how to put in an IP address to be able to print from their phone (iPhone or Android)? Is there something I can point to that would get the customers IT guys involved so they could solve this?

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

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    Printing from phones for Kyocera machines

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    Re: Printing from phones for Kyocera machines

    Try downloading the Mopria App or other printer apps to print from phones. I can access all my printers from it and it was free for me hope for you also.
    They have to be on the same wifi but its something to try.
    If Mopria does not see the printer they may have another guest network or other wifis or wrong network it is on. You also can ping the printer from the network to see if it is seen by windows. Good Luck

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    Re: Printing from phones for Kyocera machines

    I know with Airprint you can only see a certain number of devices, and it's alphabetical. We had a customer who printed two 8 machines with airprint, and eventually couldn't see them. Turns out, the previous machines they had there, they plugged in a few of em to use the toners while they were still good, and they kicked off the machines we just added.

    As far as not being able to see it from an app, definitely aren't connected via the same network. Their IT probably just needs to enable Multi-cast DNS.

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