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    Workcentre 7845 two-tray print

    I try ask this also from Adobe forums, but no one know answer. So I try here.

    Question is simply: PDF document printing to colour printer, now it is Xerox Workcentre 7845. Adobe Acrobat pro.

    My "tray collection" is quite typical. Tray 1 contain normal, cheap A4-papers. Tray 2 special labels. Tray 3 high-gloss-paper.

    How I can print "use two-tray printing- select tray using paper type"? Eg. "print page 1 using Tray 3, all other Tray 1".

    - As you know, Workcentre regognize much information from printed document. Typical example is "cover print with colours, all other pages blacknwhite". Using Acrobat Pro it is possible change pages blacknwhite. Printer really regognize it- colour printing, colour counter grow up only it colour page. Only 1.
    - "Use page size" is not good idea. Reason is simply, all pages are same size. So it not help.
    - Maybe it is possible use Adobe Acrobat Pro "Print Production" and Preflight. But after two day testing I cannot found any working idea. Good idea is maybe "select page 1 paper type High Gloss" ""select other pages Normal paper". But no idea how to make this.
    - Automatic. So it is not solution "print manually high gloss" .

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    Workcentre 7845 two-tray print

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    Re: Workcentre 7845 two-tray print

    If you are using Reader, the only way I can think of is to break the print down into sections when you print. Example, pages 1&2 need to be on High Gloss, pages 3 -9 need to be on normal and page 10 is labels:
    1. In the printer selection page set the Print Range to Pages 1-2
    2. Click the printer and click the Properties button
    3. Select the paper type if available otherwise select the tray
    4. Print that section
    5. Repeat the procedure for the remaining sections

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