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    RP3700 Paper Feed Not Working

    Hello fellow duplicator fiends!

    I have a RP3700 and was working through a large zine order on 150gsm paper. Everything was going perfectly and running through the prints without issue until I reloaded a batch of paper for its second print colour; at this point the feeder started refusing to turn and uptake the paper.

    This error matches up very closely with a previous issue discussed in the thread 'Riso RP3100UI - Paper Feed Not Working '

    At this time I have ran tests on all relevant sensors. Ensuring they beeped accordingly when paper was in front and clear that all responded accordingly making me think they must not be at fault.

    I further tested the feed tray what moving accordingly it was.

    Running in Test Mode I was able to execute test 656 running some 80gsm paper but then when changed to 150gsm I received the Error G064 paper jam as previously encountered. This I thought was rather unusual as it would imply that the clutch was operating correctly(ish). I also disassembled the feed rollers to check they were not worn or damaged but they all appeared to be in remarkable good condition.

    For the sake of trial end error I have also opened up the back of the riso and nothing looks out of place. All screws were tight, all wiring was linked correctly, all gears looked to be in good condition.

    I am running out of ideas on what could be causing this error as it really does appear to have come out of the blue with no prior warning. I was hoping I could call upon the knowledge pool here to fix this issue?

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    Re: RP3700 Paper Feed Not Working

    Did you just try some scratch paper to test? Any chance the sep pad peeled back the underside of the lead edge of the 150 gsm paper so now it's fighting it. Turn the paper and original around 180 degrees and see what happens since you are now running a 2nd color

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    Re: RP3700 Paper Feed Not Working

    I agree with 20guage but also how much dry time have you allowed before running the paper through a second time. RP is know for needing some dry time, 12-24 hrs depending on coverage, the longer the merrier.

    Good luck.

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