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    GR3770 Drums won't go in

    I have a GR3770. I have 8 drums. Black, hunter green, and teal drums will go in easily and print fine. Pink, yellow, red drums will not go into the machine, it simply hits something hard right before it clicks in -- like the pin is misaligned or something like that. I've checked out the master pin in the back of the machine (just visually) and the alignment of the holes on the back of all the drums. Everything has aligned perfectly until now. All the drums seem to be adjusted correctly as far as the large opening toward the bottom, small opening toward the top (on the back of the drum) -- made sure that the allen screws are tight, no play or anything. But still, the machine will only accept the darker color drums. Is there any type of sensor in the machine that might be old, or any other reason why the machine would not accept drums that, up until now, have been working fine with the machine?

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    Re: GR3770 Drums won't go in

    It's been a long time since I have worked on a GR (very old beast). If the drums were working fine before, then I'd guess the drum is not completely in the home position. Possibly one of the timing plates are off position or the shaft joint is out of alignment. For the timing plates, they are under the front cover. Remove the front cover (two pieces 6 screws) off one problem drum and one working drum and compare. See about finding a service manual to get much deeper. Good Luck.

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