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    Re: Setting SC7700 RIP with Riso GR3770

    Quote Originally Posted by irrland View Post
    Ok, I will try to remember everything and to translate the hints we got from our previous GR-owner. Sorry if the translation of the Windows terms is wrong, I hope you will understand anyway. I added the RISO Console program and all the drivers we have. I don't know anymore if we installed the Windows 2000 or the Windows NT drivers... I also added the description in German, in case this might help.
    (Also, if I wrote something wrong please correct me - I haven't used Windows for many years until now...)

    After changing the network settings you can install the drivers and the PC should recognize the RIP as a network printer.

    Anyway, good luck!



    thanks for the informations but when I do step by step it work until add printer and at this point my PC doesn't see the SC7700 and I reset the machine like you say to do. Do you have any idea why ?



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    Re: Setting SC7700 RIP with Riso GR3770

    Quote Originally Posted by tarlie View Post
    Wow Fabian, huge thanks for this!

    It finally worked!
    I was missing the first part of what you sent..
    I didn't succeed to install it on a computer with XP though (I'm guessing I have some issue with it that has nothing to do with the printer), but on my mac, on a virtual machine (which is even better after all).

    I've been trying to do this for weeks, thanks a lot again!!


    Iīm trying to connect a sc7700 to a Macbok pro with emulated OS (Sheepshaver), cannot find the right way to do it! i went to TCP/IP settings and set the IP to , SubnetMask to, I resetted the sc7700 as well, it still doesnīt appear when I go to add printer. I canīt even get to print the test page. Can you tell me the settings you used on the emulator?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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