I wasn't sure where to post this so I'll start here. I'm a print shop owner in the US Virgin Islands. I have three KN Bizhub C6500's that I have serviced myself for several years. The machines have worked well but are getting on in years, as am I. I've got a few years left before I retire and close the shop. In the meantime, I need to keep these machines running. Lately, two of my C6500's have been giving me a persistent error code C-4520. I've researched this code here on copytechnet and have been able to get them going only to have the same code pop up again. I was thinking it might be beneficial to have a real technician who is experienced with these C6500's come to the shop and service/overhaul all three machines properly.

I've had independent technicians visit before to service my Mimaki large format printer and Polar paper cutter in the past. Typically, I pay for the airfare, provide ground transportation and provide accommodations in my comfortable AirBNB rental cottage in addition to the normal service fee. I would purchase whatever parts are suggested in advance of the visit during the pre-trip consultations.

Since I'm located in the US Virgin Islands, its easiest to fly here directly from Miami so a Miami based KN tech would have an easy trip.

Does this appeal to anyone?