This is my entire supply of Konica BH 920 machines, parts and consumables.
Best offer gets it all, will work with you on shipping or exporting....

We have no problem keeping these going for another 5-7 years with our inventory, one of our biggest clients has changed there files and we have to upgrade to a PPML enabled controller.
There are all used from in house production, All can be put back in to production with some love, and some parts from the highest meter (9 million) machine.

Have a possible client interested but i wanted to make this fair for the other that have asked from other sites. Make on offer on the LOT.

Dropbox - Konica 920 Inventory - Simplify your life

6 Konica 920s
4,027,225 – In production

4 working print controllers
2 booklet Finisher’s
4 staple Finisher’s (ONE (1) is the 100 sheet version)
3 letter (A4) Large Capacity Tray
1 Leger (A3+) Large Capacity Tray
1 post inserter brand new

Parts and supply shelf

2 new dv units
3 used but dv units
1 new in box cleaning unit
1 used cleaning unit
6 developers
3 lower charge units
3 upper charge unit assy

5 upper fuser roller
3 lower fuser roller
2 own drums

1pm kit
6 web assy
2+ extra Fusers (may have a 3rd extra)
Tons of loose parts and other consumables (feed rollers, extra lamps, everything you would need to keep it going).
Everything in the photos goes with it, the entire wall of parts...