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    You can download Unity Beta

    I found this today on Slashdot: you can download the beta version of Unity (open the link at your own peril, although I've never had a problem with Slashdot even with the revenge filter turned off):

    This is one of the two YouTube vids that accompanied the article:

    The other one had better video quality, but was kind of creepy:

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    Re: You can download Unity Beta

    Will have to check this out when I get home

    Unity was my introduction C# which I am now quite fond of. I studied C++ mostly, but my old laptop struggled with UE4 SDK, which lead me to trying out Unity.
    I was really impressed when they released 5 and made all the previously paid-for features free. Definitely been a great way to get into amateur/hobby game dev. Really excited to check out this 5.4 (beta?) Thanks for sharing this!


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