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One of the first games I can remember playing (really young, like 4 or 5 years old), was on my Mother's computer Windows 95. It was called 'Jezzball'. Super addicting!!! It started with two balls bouncing around, and you had to eventually get the screen as "blacked out" as you could by "walling off" sections of the screen. You would click and a red and blue line would start extending to the edges of the field. Once they touched the edge, it turned into a "barrier", as long as the ball didn't touch it before it reached the edges. If you split the field down the middle with balls on one side, it would "black out" or "fill" the other half of the screen, giving you a smaller field to work with. Each level added another ball. I think I've made it to like 20 balls or something. Again, SUPER ADDICTING! Would recommend to anyone, even in this day and age.
My lT classes at high school were mostly spent playing this!!