Magento 2 is a failure?

  1. kloss
    I haven't been on the forum for a long time ...

    However, there was a desire to know who thinks what about one thought)

    Tell me, it seems to me alone that magento 2 is a complete failure?)))
    Honestly, from the pros, I personally see only an interesting approach with <plugin> and the ability to go before / after \ during the execution of functions, which makes it possible to build a "beard" without breaking anything else, otherwise I don't see any advantages ) this is outweighed by a greater congestion in general, everywhere and in everything ... which increases the time for hitting the keyboard and the actual cost of developing bugs, it is conceivable, unthinkable, after the second report I stopped reporting bugs ... when the magenta site itself throws out extras ...
  2. Rzly
    I have been developing in Magento for a long time. Worked with Magento 1. Wrote many modules, including very complex ones. Designed high-traffic stores for large clients. Magento 2 is an obvious failure. What was previously done in two lines of code in Magento 2 is done in a bunch of code, in different classes. Plus XML Hell, from which everyone has been trying to get away for 10 years now, has risen to its full height. This all increases the likelihood of errors, complicates debugging. Just for complication? Show your bosses that work is in progress? When I was ordered for the last time to transfer the store from 1 to 2, I just transferred the work to outsourcing to specialists from because I do not like to work with such orders where there are many problems.
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