phone app

  1. Kroksi
    Today, in the subway, I saw one guy have an application on his phone, but hesitated to ask what it is called, there are so many wallpapers, ringtones, live wallpapers, already asked all his friends, but no one knows what kind of application it is, maybe someone knows what it is , is it free and safe for your phone? In general, I need a title and your feedback.
  2. kloss
    I know what you are talking about, I use this - Zedge Is Zedge Safe for Downloading Ringtones and Wallpapers - EcmaScript2017 Modern Internet Magazine About IT Industry , I just trudge from it. I really don't understand why none of your friends know about such an application, since the platform is already used by more than 200 billion users around the world. You can assign a ringtone to any contact from the app. The total number of songs in the application is, like, about 380,000 thousand. You can set the original icon for the program, and I also like that you can replace the mail calendar icons, similarly replace the standard widget with the one you like. Icons and widgets are categorized. There are all kinds of headlines, sports films, moods and so on. As for security, in general everything suits me, if you don't want to enter your data, you will use limited capabilities, if you enter personal data, you will get a premium account and use it to the fullest.
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