1. Kroksi
    Guys, I have some kind of garbage that day with a computer or with the Internet, I don't know much about this ..., in short, the error "DNS PROBE BAD CONFIG" comes out, what should I do with it to whom to contact or how to deal with it myself?
  2. kloss
    You have nothing to worry about, it happens to me too, but I found instructions for myself on how to fix it [SOLVED] How To Fix dns_probe_finished_bad_config - Hooks Guide , read it without fail, but for now I'll tell you in a nutshell what to do). Make sure everything, including the router and cables, is not disconnected. Another recommendation is to refresh the website page to ensure that there is no temporary connection failure. If this is all working properly, then restart the router, if that did not help, then update the cache, clear the DNS cache, turn off the antivirus ..., well, if it does not help here, then read the article, there is more and more details.
  3. kloss
    I did everything according to the instructions and this does not happen again
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