3D modeling

  1. Vanda23
    Our company is engaged in the manufacture of custom-made kitchen furniture, and in order to provide our customers with the largest number of options, we want to find specialists in 3D modeling so that we can show our customers how their kitchen will look like, even before the furniture is made. Help me find specialists in 3D modeling.
  2. JaneCarter
    Shouldn't you have employees who would be engaged in 3D modeling? I thought that in such companies there are specialists on the staff who do this kind of work ....
  3. JohnSnow
    Hello, if your company needs help with 3D visualization of furniture, I can recommend an excellent service that will help you and provide all the necessary services. To contact them, you can go here www.treenitro.com/3d-product-modeling/ . All contact information is there. By the way, you can also see examples of their work in the portfolio.
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