Sports betting

  1. JaneCarter
    Can you please tell me where you can see the predictions for sports? I was going to place bets, and have not yet found a normal review. It is desirable that there was an expert opinion, not an amateur one. And give a tip to a good bookmaker.
  2. JohnSnow
    Just havenít tried to use Google?) I think that if you want to find a bookmaker and predictions for sports, then everything can be found in Google.
  3. Vanda23
    Hi. If you are going to bet on sports, I advise you to familiarize yourself with the bookmakers, which are presented on this page . There are no problems with payment of money in these offices, and the playing conditions there are quite acceptable. But, if you do not know much about sports, I advise you to bet on football, study statistics on it on the Internet. I advise you not to bet a large amount right away.
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