Konika Minolta Bizhub 600, Fusing Unit Web Stuck, Experience

  1. naeemsukhera
    A few days ago my konika Minolta Bizhub 600 started making whistling noises after around 200 copies.
    At first i thought about some dusting and cleaning may resolve the issue, and i cleaned it but in vain. I noticed that the sound is coming from the Fusing unit and day before yesterday i buckled up and started opening it as i was able to see some dust piling up on the fusing roller and that was making me uncomfortable.
    Firstly i used a screw driver to remove the dust from out side and it did workout for one day but again same issue. Reopened it to found out that the web is not rolling and is stuck in one place and the dust is piling and burning there.
    I then very carefully and gently unstuck the web from the roller above of it and rolled it tightly on to the small roller. and reassembled it.
    Working in peace so far.
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