Recently I began to study a decentralized system

  1. Kroksi
    Recently I began to study a decentralized system, cryptocurrency and came across Ethereum (ETH) or Ethereum classic (ETC), at first I thought that these are identical concepts, but it turned out not quite so and now I can not figure it out completely, help?)
  2. Rzly
    I only know that before it was one thing, but something happened in bulk, some hacker withdrew $ 50 million to his account and was happy)
  3. kloss
    I will answer you with pleasure
  4. kloss
    I'll try to give you a brief answer, but it's still better for you to familiarize yourself with it here because there are nuances. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is either bitcoin or altcoins. And while Ethereum (ETH) is thriving, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is not far behind. Of course, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. However, these two popular altcoins remain the preferred choice for many crypto traders and investors. Although they both contain the word "Ethereum", they are significantly different. When comparing Ethereum and Ethereum Classic side by side, key differences can be noticed: concept, characteristics, purpose, and future price predictions.
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