Secrets of profitable purchase of plane tickets

  1. Erin36
    Inexperienced tourists are sure that buying tickets a couple of hours before boarding is a smart way to save money, since it is profitable for airlines to sell the remaining unclaimed seats on the next plane. Unfortunately, they are very wrong - this practice has long been in the past. Thinking about the number of days for which you should purchase a ticket, remember these facts airlines set the maximum cost on the eve of the scheduled departure date - a day or two. a week before the deadline, the amount of overpayment can reach half the cost.
  2. soria
    Look for tickets at different times. Depending on the fare, low-cost air tickets can be purchased, for example, no earlier than a week before departure. Or no later than three weeks.
  3. muften
    If you understand that your plans may be violated and you may not fly at the appointed time, you must inform the contact center specialists in advance to find out the conditions for the exchange and return of your ticket Cheap Flights: Find Cheap Tickets, Flights & Airfare This must be done at least 24 hours before the flight departure. Each ticket has its own exchange and return policy. Specialists will clarify the rules for applying the fare and will definitely suggest how it is more profitable to change or return the ticket with minimal losses. But there are also tickets that cannot be returned or exchanged.
  4. soria
    Booking and buying air tickets in a few minutes without leaving your home is the rule rather than the exception. Far in the past are the days when you had to go to the ticket office of the airport terminal to stand in line and hear: "all tickets are sold out."
  5. jamkowyj
    If you are planning a vacation somewhere, then of course it’s better to worry about tickets a month before the date you plan to fly on, then you can save on plane tickets in both directions. But there are cases when you urgently need to fly out and then be prepared to pay twice as much for a ticket.
  6. muften
    Tickets are not issued instantly - this requires time that is spent processing information in the booking system. Once you have received your itinerary receipt, you are guaranteed that you are now a passenger.
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