To all the DownUnder Techs

  1. NeoMatrix
    We'll have to catch up. Drop a shrimp on the barbie.
    Crack a coldy an have a good old chin wag about home
    among the gum trees. She be right by me cobber if ya
    bring the missus and the billy-lids. Plenty of good ol mates
    to yarn away the hours. While we deck a slab or two.
    Even a bundy might find its way in by the end of the arvo.

    Cheers cobba....
  2. OMD-227
    We're all a far distance away from each other Neo, you're in Qld, I'm in Vic, and there's a few in between.

    One thing I can say, is if anyone comes through Melb, give me a yell.

    P.S. I'd easily say that no other country would be able to decipher what you have said above.
  3. NeoMatrix
    Yeah for sure on the cooee through Melbourne

    I'd have a pot-o-beer or six ......

    Ok on the ozzie french, I sorta figured that would be the case ...

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