I wanted to buy a Monero crypt, but it is not clear how to pay

  1. Rzly
    I wanted to buy a Monero crypt, but it is not clear how to pay: the 16-digit account number is indicated. But account numbers with so many digits do not exist. I decided that it was a card number, but another person had such a card number. And all other applications of other users are similar. Am I trying to make a deal in the wrong place? Explain how to buy Monero? I recently work with cryptocurrency
  2. kloss
    Here bitgraph.network/reviews/5-best-btc-to-xmr-exchanges/ you can find a list of the top 5 exchanges and read how to buy Monero. Do not contact dubious exchanges, use trusted exchanges, do not be lazy to read reviews and reviews on the Internet. (If it's not a secret - what exchange did you try to work with, that is, to make an exchange?)
  3. charlesjablon9898
    Well, resolving such issues is important because of many reasons.

  4. anthonysolomon2769
    Why does Monero drops in value this couple of weeks?

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