I often read about swing trading and scalping

  1. kloss
    I often read about swing trading and scalping. How do they differ from each other? I used to think that this is practically the same thing, but now I see a lot of controversy on this topic, I would like to be aware of everything. I have been trading on the network for a long time, I am interested in everything on which I can increase my profit (or unknowingly lose money).
  2. Rzly
    You can see here about difference between scalping and swing trading , there is a good comparison . I also knew little about this a couple of months ago, but now I have already read a lot about this type of trading, and it turns out to be more confident in building a trading strategy.
  3. michaelsparks6234
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  4. isaackach4455
    Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually know what you are talking approximately.

  5. arthurcote4114
    Hmm! seems like we share the same point of view.

  6. robertsmith2845
    How does swing trading works?

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  7. stevefontenot9869
  8. gamelcanon1565
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