Choosing a seat on a flight

  1. JohnSnow
    There is a long journey to Sydney and back (40 hours each way, including all flights, connections and driving to the airport) and the longest non-stop flight of my life (14:50 hours). So I decided to carefully approach the choice of seats on the plane. How to calculate or where to find out in which row you need to sit so that the porthole does not fall on the passenger's shoulder, that is, its width is entirely in the field of view? Ideally, the porthole should be exactly above the unfolded table.
  2. Vanda23
    well, troubles))) and not easier to swap places on board? )))))) I think that this is the best option if you really want to choose this particular seat on the plane.
  3. JaneCarter
    We still need to find a volunteer who is willing to sit in a place with a "crooked" window. It was not so lucky once - they gave a place, as requested, by the window and not above the wing, but the portholes were right in front of the chair and behind it. I didn’t try to change - I myself would definitely not agree to such an exchange. Now I use different services that allow you to see a map of seats on a flight. The last time I flew, I looked at the seat map of my flight, here . You can also see if your question is still relevant.
  4. Drake15
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