Kinda Funny

  1. nmfaxman
    Kinda Funny that a high dollar Corporate IT Admin can't load a MFP system. Print/Scan/Fax without me holding his hand.

    Kinda Funny that a rookie tech can show me tricks on the computer but can't learn to use a vacume cleaner.

    Kinda Funny that we get manuals in digital format but we get tech pubs that tell us to replace this page in the book.

    Any others???????????
  2. edmund
    New school techs are very expensive to employ in your business.they do not seem to want to fault find problems instead they replace boards (which is very exspensive)until the problem disappers

    Old school techs actually use their grey matter and finds the root of the problem
  3. jamesyboy
    kinda funny! that a new age technician has to text and phone his girlfriend all day is she giving him tech support if so shes not too good and alaways tells him to order themost exspensive board its the bloody clutch dude boy the bloody clutch get in there and get some toner on you !!!!!!
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