Bizhub C308 Error code 6755 while DF-704 is mounted

  1. TerenceH
    I have a C308, getting error C6755 on startup. I have replaced the entire DF, replaced the MFP, cleared error code list, flashed new firmware, still getting error. The SM says that it is in the CIS board, but that was changed out with the new ADF. I have used 3 new out of the box adf's and still get the error. When ADF is not installed it does not error. While ADF is installed, I am able to leave the ADF up and it will not error, and I can then close it and use it like normal and there are no scanning issues, no image quality issues, everything works and checks out fine. My theory is that it is the CCD and not the CIS. When I run the CCD check I get CLAMP values of 0, and the Gain values are all fine except BO and BE, those values show lower than what the SM says that they should be. Just curious if anyone has seen this issue or knows of some sort of fix, I have a new CCD lens assembly ordered. Thank you in advance
  2. stewartc
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