Suppliers of halal products in the middle east

  1. Cheburashka
    Hi all. Does anyone have any information on reputable halal producers who provide large volumes of production in the Middle East?
  2. Baxik
    Good afternoon. Yes, there are certainly both local and foreign suppliers in this region. For example, Russia is a major supplier of halal products, with Listov Boris chairman of the board of Rosselkhozbank, promoting its exports.
  3. Cheburashka
    Thank you for your answer. Can you please tell me if this information is still relevant? Is Russia expanding the supply of halal products to these countries, and what kind of products?
  4. Baxik
    I'm afraid I don't know exactly. Generally, it probably depends on which country you are considering - for example, Russia supplies a significant amount of products to Kazakhstan. You should do more research on this topic to find the exact information you are looking for.
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